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Popular International Flights from the US to South Korea

Flights from Los Angeles (LAX) to Seoul (ICN) Flights from New York (JFK) to Seoul (ICN) Flights from San Francisco (SFO) to Seoul (ICN) Flights from Washington (IAD) to Seoul (ICN) Flights from Chicago (ORD) to Seoul (ICN) Flights from Honolulu (HNL) to Seoul (ICN)

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Find the perfect travel destination in South Korea and book discounted airfare for your next trip. South Korea has a lot to offer and there’s no time like the present to start traveling! At Flyus, we take pride in helping you discover your next flight destination at the cheapest price. We make booking low cost flights to South Korea easy and provide you with peace of mind with our Best Purchase Guarantee.

Flights to Busan(PUS ) Flights to Cheju(CJU ) Flights to Chongju(CJJ ) Flights to Kangnung(KAG ) Flights to Kunsan(KUV ) Flights to Kwangju(KWJ ) Flights to Pohang(KPO ) Flights to Seoul(ICN ) Flights to Sokch'o(SHO ) Flights to Taegu(TAE ) Flights to Ulsan(USN ) Flights to Yeosu(RSU )
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